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IP Packet -- The ultimative packetgenerator.
Implemented protocols:
- TCP / IP
- UDP / IP

Creating a TCP packet you can specify the source address, target address, source port, target port, acknowledgement and sequence number, the windowsize and the tcp flags.
Creating a UDP packet of course you can only specify source and destination ip, source and destination port. Creating a ICMP packet you can select the ICMP-code and ICMP-type, the gateway and mtu.
Additionally you can set the fragmentation offset, specify the time-to-live and send data within the packets and select the number of packets to send over the wire.
The configuration of packets can also be received from a configuration file or saved to a config file.
There is a shell and GUI version of this tool.
The GUI frontend is programmed in Perl / Tk.
This tool can for example be used to test the configuration of a firewall.
Or to proove a hijacking attack
Programming language: Perl 5.6.0
Last Update: 31.03.2002 @ CCC Easterhegg 2002 =)
Perl/Tk and Net::RawIP Modul [Download from CPAN]
Libpcap library [Download from]
A Screenshot is available here.

MD5sum: 050c54c7428adf6bc795baec631ba3f5

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